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External Search of EN Notebooks

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Are there any add-ons, tricks or processes that will make EN Notes available in a general purpose search tools such as - Windows Search, X1, Recoll, Spotlight etc. I think it would have to be search tool that maintains an index rather than one that wanders through files at search time like Agent Ransack.

My expectations aren't high regarding an addon, but maybe someone has a trick or a process they could share.



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I don't know about Windows, but you mentioned Spotlight (Apple's search engine) which can already do that on the latest versions of iOS and OS X. On the mac, there's also Alfred which has a few Evernote workflows (addons) that can do that.

Another thing you could do is create a global hotkey that triggers the new "cmd+J" command in Evernote 6.6 which I believe is the fastest way to open/search in notes.

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Mac Spotlight search works great.  The EN Notes it finds open in Evernote just by double-clicking.

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I use X1 (because it can index networked Windows files); to index Evernote I just export all the notes once a month.


Delete files in directory <EvernoteExport>.  
  Then in Evernote, click in LH column “Notes”, 
  Click a note in middle column – Select All, 
     File – Export, Export as multiple web pages, <EvernoteExport>



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