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I hate to report yet another glitch...

When using lists with multiple levels, Evernote repeatedly resets my font size to 13, no matter what. If I select all (CTRL+A) and change all fonts to 14, then I type in font size 14... until I hit "enter", at which point Evernote strangely reduces the font size to 13. Then I select that 13-size text, change it to 14, and type in 14. When I press enter, I go back to 13 for some reason.

Why? And how do I fix this? How do I tell Evernote not to change my font size to 13 for, apparently, no reason?

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This won't be any help, I'm afraid, but when I look at my lists, including those with more than one level, they are all in  Tahoma 10, as I typed them. Wish I knew what to suggest. Have you checked the font setting under Tools > Options > Note?

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@ Mods: Is there any way to merge this thread with my other one on font-size glitches in tables?


A very similar version of the glitch is now occurring within bullet lists. The font size is 11 in the entire bullet list, but when my cursor is at the end of an item and I press enter (whether at the bottom or n the middle of the list), the next bullet point is in font size 13.

As if that isn't strange enough, Evernote will not let me change other sections of text to size 13! In the drop-down list of font-sizes, 13 is not there! And, for some reason, I cannot type "13" after opening that list.

This weird font-size glitch is starting to get pretty annoying.



Here's a pic to explain:


font size glitch.png

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Is anybody else having font-size problems? I just made another bullet list where this happened randomly a bunch of times. 


EDIT 1: Just tried a bunch of other font-size stuff out. If I use CTRL+A to select everything and font size to 11, 12 or 14, then Evernote will switch the font back to size 13 as I add new items to the list. For all other font sizes, the new items in the list are generated at the same (right) size.

EDIT 2: Never mind... it's back to randomly switching back to size 13 when I press enter, either in a list or not.. *sigh

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