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Request: Additional editor features

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There are features that are pretty standard on rich-text and web editors these days that Evernote (at least on the Mac client) still doesn't have. The first two of these are pretty important to me:

Indent/outdent. Interestingly, there is an indent/outdent feature on the editor I am using to write this post. The lack of indent/outdent is one reason I don't use Evernote to take notes.

"Remove formatting" -- I often want to paste something into an Evernote note, but I don't want to keep the formatting from the source page. I just want the pasted-in text to get some neutral format/font, or better whatever format/font the text around it has.

Superscript/subscript/strikethrough. These aren't particularly important to me, but they're pretty standard nowadays (again, the editor on the Evernote forums has them).

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