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Salil Surendran

No more search dropdowns while entering text in search

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   I am on a Windows 10 machine and when I enter a text to search I no longer get a dropdown saying what are the possible tags or autocomplete search entries. For eg. previously when I entered 'voll' it will automatically give the 'tag: volleyball' and other search entries like 'How to play vollleyball'. Now I get no such dropwdown?

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Correct, finding tags or saved searches while typing in the search bar was removed from EN 6.  There has been push back on the forums for the return of that functionality.  Not clear at this point if/when it might return.

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Salil...I just noticed this myself, and to be honest – I'm furious. This is my most frequent and every day workflow. And once again silly Evernote has come up with a "better" way to do something I've already been doing. 

I will be installing the latest v5 version here: http://filehippo.com/download_evernote/67084/

This is not my first time downgrading my Evernote version. A clumsy elephant indeed.

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