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Merging notes

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I have tried to merge some notes on Evernote web using the instructions provided but no 'merge' pop up screen appears when I hit Control and click the notes I would like to merge. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, is it possible to upload voice notes to one specific note on your phone - I am only given the option to create a separate new note per voice note that I would like to upload. I would like all the voice notes to be in one note.


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Yep web interface needs note merging, indeed all platforms need it.  I am not sure how Evernote has manage to engineer itself into so many "this works here, but not there" situations.  I appreciate the desire to avoid becoming a lowest common denominator UI - but it's a cloud service, by it's nature it should offer the same capabilities across all platforms (even if the device/platform necessitates slight variation in execution, the capability should be there).

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