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Unintended hyperlink/calendar link in note

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I typed the word 'tomorrow' in the text of a note and it has created a hyperlink that wants to be a calendar entry. I have simplified the text, even turned it to plain text but the word is still blue and underlined. I have no link between Evernote and the calendar app on my iPad mini. I have no links from my calendar. The text was entered on my phone using the android app and shows no link there. I'm getting a little crazy. Any help, clues, breadcrumbs, would be appreciated. 

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Hi.  'Tomorrow' isn't an Evernote link word (unless you're setting up a reminder) and there's no native link to a calendar app,  so I'm not exactly sure what's happened here.  Best suggestion would be:  have a look at the note on a desktop,  and if the link still won't go away,  consider copying and pasting the note content into a text-only app and copy from there into a new note.  You could also use Simplify (or Remove) Formatting.  Beware that other links and bold etc text will be affected...

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Since you're viewing it, as you say, on your iPad mini, those blue links show up as expected as part and parcel of the iOS experience... which when tapped on (or with long press) will take you to your iOS calendar and allow you to create a calendar event at the day or time specified, amongst other options. That's Apple being well-intentioned. 

So blue links will show up when you have any time/ date references... And in many cases, telephone numbers and addresses if recognized. When tapped on, you will either switch to your Calendar app, open your Maps app or straight up dial a telephone number. 

Nothing to worry about on Evernote's side. It's not an Evernote thing and will occur in many iOS apps where you have text input. 

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