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Ezra H

Chrome Clipping Tweets

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Has anyone else had problems clipping tweets with the "Articles" option on the web clipper? The performance while doing this seems very random. Sometimes it clips the content correctly; other times it clips the wrong tweet or image. Once it tried to clip my entire Twitter feed. Often it won't highlight anything on the page.

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I too am having a very difficult time clipping tweets. I know I can take the IFTTT route but I don't want to. I would like to do it using just the web clipper extension.


Any help is hugely appreciated!




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You're right, Twitter Article clipping doesn't seem to be working OK right now. We'll have a look.

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You know, it's 18 months on and either the problem didn't get fixed or it came back.

I am using Chrome 64 and Evernote web clipper extension 6.13.1.

Does anyone have a way to clip a single tweet? How about a thread?

Advice gratefully received.


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