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Lee Marchman

A way to run local EN files off of detachable hard drive

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I use a work laptop most of the time and so don't have my Evernote files stored on it locally. However, I often need to generate a table of contents, which (I don't think can be done from my files accessed from the cloud. I don't want these files on my work laptop hard drive, but wonder if there's a way to run Evernote locally with the files on a detachable (backup/ portble) hard drive. 





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Hi.  If you revert to the 'old' web client and Ctrl-click multiple notes,  you'll have an option to save note links to your clipboard.  You could also share the notes for which you wish to generate a table of contents with another free account you have temporarily set up on your work machine.  If neither of those is of any help you could export the notes for which you wish to create the TOC and import them into a work account.

AFAIK There's no reliable way to run Evernote from a detachable drive - it is possible to change the location of the database (on Windows machines anyway),  but it's a serious risk to your whole database if anything goes wrong.

Much caution and frequent backups recommended if you decide to experiment...




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