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Feature request: email note as PDF, export note to PDF

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It would be great if there were an easy way to send any note as a PDF file by email. In one click from a share menu, it would be possible to automatically convert a note to PDF, open the default mail client and add that PDF that was just created to a brand-new email message.

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Hi.  You could send a note containing a PDF as an email via Evernote,  or you could send the note to yourself, delete any unwanted content and send it out using your own email client;  or you could print the note to PDF and just drop the print file into an email. 

To follow your request EN would first have to connect to the local default email client,  which so far it doesn't.  And convert text to PDF format,  which on some platforms it can't. 

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When I click on share, and then share note, the window that pops up asks me to enter in (a) recipient email address(es). These are the emails of the people I would like to send the message to. The only problem with this approach is that the people who I send the note to have to have Evernote accounts themselves. I would like to be able to send ever notes to people who do not use Evernote and do not want to open up an Evernote account for themselves. That is why it would be nice, especially for Business purposes where it might be inappropriate to ask someone to open an Evernote account simply to see some information that you are sending them.  Hence, the reason for my feature request.  

Printing the note to PDF using a PDF printer looks like a good workaround.

On Mac, which I use, all the software tends to be pretty tightly integrated with Apple Mail, which is the default email program. So I am used to programs having a share button to share to the Mail app in order to quickly share the content in an email.

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On 3/12/2016 at 7:33 PM, Organizen said:

Printing the note to PDF using a PDF printer looks like a good workaround

I just discovered that in EN Mac 6.5 you can convert a Note (to a new Note) to PDF.  Just right-click anywhere in the body, and select "Convert to PDF".  Strange that they would provide this feature in the BODY of the Note, but not anywhere else.

IAC, after you have the new Note with a PDF, just drag/drop the PDF onto the Mail icon in your Dock (I actually tested with Outlook, not Apple Mail).

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