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Upgrade via Mac App Store not recognized in account

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I just upgraded my Evernote account from Plus to Premium via the Mac App Store (linked to from within the app) and the upgrade did not take effect in the app.  I was billed successfully and the Mac App Store shows the subscription updated as charged.  I have restarted the app and checked my account on the Evernote website and it has not been upgraded.  (And, of course, I can't chat with anyone since that's only a Premium option which I apparently don't have yet.)

Please correct.  Ticket 1480138.

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Hi.  I flagged your ticket for a forum Admin to look at.  Meantime..

Check your account status: use a desktop browser to log in here - https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action and look for Account Summary.

If the browser account summary shows premium but your device does not

  • File > Exit Evernote and restart the device.
  • Log in to Evernote again
  • Force a manual sync - ( Mac:Ctrl-Cmd-S Win:F9 )
  • Re-check your account status.

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The account status on the website also only shows Plus.  Happy to provide confirmation details from Apple if that helps.

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