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vera de jong

premium purchase itunes is not working

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Hello, I just purchased premium account trough itunes but my account still says i'm a basic user. How long do I need to wait? I need to use my extra upload space to continue my work activities today. I thought i would work immediately after purchasing but thats unfortunately not the case.. 

please help! thanks, vera

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Hi.  iTunes and Evernote are different companies (obviously) and iTunes needs to tell Evernote's system that you have paid your subscription before your membership is upgraded.  Evernote's server then needs to tell your copy of the app that its status has changed.  So:

  1. Upgrades take a little while to process
  2. You'll need to force a manual sync or File > Exit Evernote and reopen the app
  3. In some cases restart your device if neither of the above works.

...and if despite all that you're still having problems,  Submit a CS support request by choosing "payment issue" in the first dropdown after logging in here > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

..you'll get an acknowledgement and ticket number - post that here and we can get an admin to have a look at the issue for you.

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