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What's the Correct Price for Evernote Premium?

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I got a notice on all my devices yesterday that my Premium subscription had ended. I'm going to renew but the problem is the price on each device is different, so I'm confused:

  • Evernote app on iPhone: $70
  • Evernote app on Mac: $50
  • Evernote web site: $58

Which is the correct one/cheapest one? Some might say $50, but what if that one's USD (I'm in Canada) and the others are CDN? Then the cheapest is the most expensive.

I wrote a blog post about this matter, if anyone is interested: 


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This was my last charge

2015/04/01 ADY*Evernote  CA  45.00 USD @ 1.310666-$58.98

with the latest conversion rate, it would be ... omg

I did a gift subscription and was charged

2015/11/19 ADY*Evernote CA  49.99 USD @ 1.370474-$68.51


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Thanks for the reply. So does look like the $50 is USD. I guess the price went up between April and November last year...?

So maybe I'll just renew at that $50 rate in the app on my Mac. Can't be much more than the $70 in the app; and if that $70 is USD… ouch.

Kinda wish they'd identify the currency in the renewal notices, though. That would make things easier.d

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If you're in Canada, we try to charge you in Canadian Dollars. If you're in the US, we try to charge you in USD. It looks like our different environments may be detecting your location differently, which is causing some confusion.

I'll see if we can identify the currency more clearly going forward, but I can confirm that the USD price is currently $49.99, the CAD price is currently $57.99, and we did in fact change our prices last year in April.

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