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wow, suddenly all content in Evernote "gone"!?

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Dear all, 

need your help....please.... have been working in evernote and love it since years. This morning it suddenly crashed. Submitted the record to evernote as proposed and restarted it: It is all EMPTY. 


Hope that anybody out there knows what to do know - can't be...can it?




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Hi.  Don't panic yet - it's possible that you created a brand new account when you logged back in.  Try logging out and back in again!

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Echoing @gazumped Don't panic.....yet

You didn't indicate which platform; the first thing I'd check, after looking in the trash, is on the web platform.  See if your notes are really gone.  If they're on the web, a simple fix is to reinstall Evernote and your notes will be downloaded.

warning - this won't work for local notebooks

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You might also try rebooting your device - it might simply be a hardware blip.

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