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Suggestion to Improve Evernote Suggestions

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I have been an Evernote Premium client for many years now. I have made many suggestions through Customer Service and some in the forums also. But nothing seems to be done about my suggestions. So I am thinking of looking to see if other products have improved enough to make me switch from Evernote..

I had an issue with Hootsuite recently and, after tech support resolved it, I suggested that they make a change in their help files and better explain the particular procedure. The Hootsuite CSR pointed me to the Hootsuite suggestions page, where I made my suggestion very quickly. Someone replied back that it was easily done and would be taken care of after the holidays.

Anyone who goes to the Hootsuite suggestions forums (https://feedback.hootsuite.com/forums/40182--hootsuite-com-web-dashboard) will see that thousands of suggestions have been made! And some of the suggestions have thousands of votes and hundreds of comments!

Hootsuite uses UserVoice for suggestions. Evernote should consider using UserVoice or similar for suggestions as well: by letting Evernote know what is important to the user base, I think it will really enhance the engagement level of Evernote users!


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