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uploading a notebook

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Hi, I am leaving my workplace where I used evernote as a way to keep track of email conversations.  This information is , of course, the property of my employers.  I have downloaded the notebook into their files.  My boss is not familiar with how to upload this information into her computer and her copy of evernotes.  Can someone direct me to a step by step process of how to upload that file into the proper place for evernotes?



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If the notebook was created as a business notebook it will stay with the business company after you leave. Your admin can access the notebook from the admin console. If it was a personal notebook you would export then send the file to your boss and then your boss can import the notebook into their account using the desktop app. Here's an article with steps on importing a notebook. Once the notebook is imported it can be converted to a business notebook. Hope that helps! 

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