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Roman Luks

Problem with czech characters when exporting notes as webpages

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When I export note named "czech characters ě š č ř ž ý í é"

The link to exported note web page from foo_index.html is invalid. However web page exists.


Link is



Page (viewed in browser) is actually



Actual filename is

czech characters ý ž ř č š ě.html


I have tried having notes named "ččč", "ýýý", etc. They were exported correctly. It might be a combination of ascii and czech characters?


Not that I name my notes this ridiculously, I have exported note named "Windows 10 přichází. Co přináší nového? - 4 .kapitola – Živě.cz" - snipped from zive.cz, when I noticed this problem.


Thank you for looking into this



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Hi.  Please note this is not support - we're a user forum,  so unless there's someone out there who fixed this already you're not going to see much feedback.  I'd suggest raising a support ticket - click Troubleshooting in the Help Center (link below in my sig) and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the 'Contact Support' button.

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