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Announcing Scannable 2.1 with page reordering and recent history


Hello everyone, 


The Scannable team is proud to announce Scannable 2.1.  It's available in the app store as a free download.  This version has lots of improvements, but I wanted to highlight just a few.


Reordering Pages

In the past, if you scanned your pages out of order, you needed to delete and scan again.  Now, you can tap the "reorder" button and simply tap and drag to change the page order.



We've received lots of feedback on this forum and elsewhere that there are times when you thought you were done with a given document,  but then realize you might need to rescan a page or send it somewhere else.  In the prior versions of Scannable, the done button deleted the scan from the app.  Now, the scan is saved for 30 days in the new "Recents" section.  After 30 days, the scans are automatically deleted to keep from taking up too much space on your phone.  If, for some reason, you don't want this behavior, you can turn it off in the Advanced settings. 


Per Scan File Type

Since Scannable 1.1, you've been able to choose between PDF and Images as the default file type, and that would apply to all scans.  In this version, we've added a quick way to switch between the choices on a per scan basis.


Improved Whiteboard Scanning

We've done some optimization to the image processing of whiteboards to make them a little more clear.


Better Image Cropping

It's now easier to crop an scan in the case where Scannable accidentally cuts off some important information.


As always, thanks for using Scannable and we love to hear your feedback!

P.J. from the Scannable Team

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Scannable is the bomb.  Consistently impressed by it's ability to capture documents so well and do it so quickly.

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