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Frank Meeuwsen

ANSWERED Convert notebook from personal to business > tag hierarchy broken

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I helped a client out the other day to switch from Personal to Business. The onboarding to get his account to Business was no problem, also updating the Windows version to the Business version went smooth. After we worked through the Business console and the Business view I explained how he could transfer personal notebooks to business notebooks with just one right click. We started with a notebook and ofcourse, this went as expected, the whole notebook was transferred to a business notebook. But there was one caveat...

He uses an extensive taggingstructure with nested tags and after the conversion, we saw the following

  • The nested tags that are used in the given notebook were unnested and became a top level tag
  • Tags with the same name as the "business" tags are still nested since they are also used in other personal notebooks (not yet converted)
  • Business tags are extended with the text "(businessname)"

So this was quite a surprise, to see the whole nested structure fall apart and no way to get this back except manual dragging and dropping. Can somebody explain why this happens and if there is a fallback scenario to keep these tags in the nested structure when someone switches to Business after using Evernote Premium with several teammembers and already built a way of working? Has anyone experienced a situation like this and has a good solution?


Frank Meeuwsen


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Hi Frank,


A couple of points:

  • Evernote doesn't currently support nested Business tags.  That's why the tag hierarchy was turned into just top-level tags when it created them as Business tags.  (Support for nested Business tags is a pretty popularly-requested feature here on the forum as you might imagine.)
  • The tag name doesn't actually get the company name appended to it; that just occurs as a display mechanism in the Evernote Windows application, to make it clear to the user what's a Business tag and what's a personal tag.  (The Mac client doesn't do this because it separates personal and Business tags into two distinct lists; I forget offhand if other client apps append the Business name to the tag or not.)
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