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Hate the undo function in Evernote (and on this web site)

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I type phyx or idustrial and they get auto fixed. That's fine. I undo, press the spacebar, and THEY GET FIXED AGAIN, or the undo removes the whole word. How stupid is that? I am undoing the last typed thing, the autocorrect. Put it back the way it was. These are the names of companies. I didn't pick them, but I have to type them. 


Type phyx and you get phyla. Try undoing it. Type idustrial and undo it. It either removes the word or removes part of the word or keeps putting industrial. 


Most systems when you type a word and it autocorrects, and you undo, simply puts the correction back to the way it was and marks the word as incorrect and lets me move on. Evernote is one of the few systems that behaves badly with this.  


Really annoying.

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