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Allowing users to add their field titles


I was using Evernote the other day to add in business cards I got from a conference.  I was wondering if there is interest in other users being able to add their own titles into fields in the contacts section.  For example, I had a business card that I scanned in and wanted to add the field title "Toll Free" instead of having the generic "work", "home", "main", etc. 

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Hi.  Some information you can add to business card notes as tags,  other items can be added in the comments field (if there is one),  still other stuff might require a second template note - 





Just add in the new information in a copied note with a table set up to match your requirements,  and include a link from the business card note to the extra information (or vice-versa)


If you just want to change the existing headings in a Business Card note,  I very much doubt that option will be made available.

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