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Is there a way to organize notes inside of notebook?

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Hello fellow Evernoters! 


I am an avid evernote user. In fact I rely on evernote for my digital notes!


Im curious every time I open up a note book my notes are not well organized, is there a way to subdivide the notes within a note book so I can compartmentalize everything? 



Thank you

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Evernote offers the following tools to organize your Notes:

  • Stacks -- can contain ONLY Notebooks
    • Notebooks -- can contain ONLY Notes
      • Notes -- no sub-notes, but can contain images, attachments, links to other Notes. A note may belong to ONLY one NB.
  • Tags -- cuts across Stacks/NBs.  The same tag can be assigned to multiple Notes.
  • Note links

Organizing Evernote is a broad topic, and has been extensively discussed.

You might try doing a google on "evernote organization"

This will show discussions from this forum, as well as independent articles/blogs.


If you are new to Evernote, you will probably benefit from the "Evernote Help Center" link at the bottom of my post.


Evernote doesn't really support hierarchical organization like folders in your PC or Mac.

Although many of us would like hierarchical structures like sub-notebooks, Evernote has declined to provide these even though they have been requested for many years by many users.

So, to get the most out of Evernote, you will need to learn how to use Tags.


See The Benefit of Using Tags  

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