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Notes vs Notebooks

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Hello - I have Evernote installed on my iMac and I occasionally use it to clip articles from the Interweb. Today I started the Evernote app and noticed there are things called Notes and Notebooks. I am going to guess that Notes are stored/organized in the Notebooks but here is what I don't understand. In addition to my main Notebook I have three others called Import My Notes, Import My Notes 1, and 2. How and why were these created. If I delete these Import My Notes, notebooks will the Notes be physically deleted as well or will they still exist in the main notebook with my name on it?




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The "Import My Notes" Notebooks were most likely created from the import process:  Evernote > File > Import...


If you delete a Notebook, all of the Notes in that NB will be deleted.

If you want to keep these Notes, move them to another NB first.


To learn more about how to use Evernote, click on the "Evernote Help Center" below.

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