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Please add Calendar view


I want to use Evernote like task manager and Calendar View is important.


As I see the new web UI you can add Calendar button to the left.


I know that many users need calendar in Evernote and it is strange that we still not have it - because we can set reminders day but can't see overview of planned tasks.


Today I have to use a third party service from Microsoft - Sunrise - to show my notes at calendar, but at this service I can't edit content of notes :(



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A Calendar facility would be most useful. To be able to chose a specific week for example, and see all Evernote elements tagged with that date-range. There are Apps that link a few reminders to external calendars. But nothing that generates a timeline for all Notes. Hopefully, soon.

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1 hour ago, Aspect said:

 a timeline for all Notes

On my Mac, I can view my notes sorted by creation or modified date.

 I did try an add-on app (eventnoted) that put the note into my calendar, with a link, but I couldn't handle the limitations. So now I manually add the event to my calendar, with a link to Evernote.

While it might be nice to have a calendar view, I'm not sure it should be in Evernote. One concern is that it won't be a complete calendar.  I'd look at Evernote to see some of my events, then at the real calendar app to see other events, for example holidays.

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The suggested TimeLine view would be different from the Apple Calendar app. More for Diary /Journaling Activities & Documents (past) uses, rather than Scheduling Appointments (future). There are already some Add-Ons that take Evernote Reminders into OS-X Calendar.

Evernote -> Sort by Creation Date is a good start. Thou that field typically needs to be changed to match the actual date of a scanned document. Some other systems have a "Document Date" field - Eg. For a bank statement or bill. Unfortunately, the dates are reset when importing Pdfs into Evernote.

For example, if a user wanted to view all Evernote Activity, Cards, Receipts etc for this week last year. It would be far easier to have a visual representation in TimeLine or Calendar format - rather than just a list.

Lots of other uses will follow. Eg. If the user wanted to quickly see if a Bank Statement is missing (a gap in the Calendar view). Or how much activity there had been on a Project over time (maybe looking at multiple months). Etc.

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