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PDF annotation not working

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Hi.  Can you give us a little more detail please?

  • Evernote and Windows versions
  • Exact process (and what software) you're using to annotate
  • Do you have any problem opening and saving PDFs outside of Evernote?
  • Have you tried any fixes?  Restarting? Reinstalling?

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Not the OP but I am having a similar situation.  I am using the Windows desktop client (win 7). I have a very large pdf (1200+ pages) I saved in EN from conference proceedings.  I opened it with the Annotator and highlighted several passages, then clicked "save and exit."  The note now does not show the first page's (where I made the highlights) actual text, but does show all my highlighter lines.  When I opened the pdf with Foxit, same thing - only highlighter lines for the first page.  I also had highlighting on the 2nd page and that page appears normal, both text and highlighting. 


Edited to add - I just tried printing it even though it looked abnormal, and it prints a 'summary' of the highlighted page which is only the highliter lines, but then printed the text normally.  Not sure if this is a Foxit issue or EN but I guess I can make it work. 

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