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Moving batch of notes to a different notebook

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I used to know how to do this with a different account but the screen appearance of Evernote on my Windows seems to have changed with an update. 


When I save anything to Evernote, it goes to "first notebook" (used to have options to choose a notebook). I figured out how to transfer notes one at a time to other notebooks, but can't find a batch method.


Until now I have saved the notes from the same Evernote account on a Kindle Fire HD, where the account originated, if that makes a difference. I'm now trying to organize the notes on my Windows 7 laptop and set up to save notes from the laptop as well as the Kindle.


Am I missing something? Not-too-techy grandma here...


Thanks :)

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Just select the Notes you want to move, and you should see the multi-Note panel on the right.

Click the button to "Move to Notebook..." and select the Notebook you want.

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