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When I double click on a note, the new window does not open maximized. Some other Windows apps "remember" to open maximized when exiting through "File > Close", but not in Evernote. Is there a trick to open all new note windows "maximized"? I'm not speaking about a full screen or presentation mode, but simply to have the note window maximized (so it saves me to click the "maximize" windows button every time I double click on a note).


Thanks a bunch!


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Hi.  Closing Evernote with File > Exit will save the current note sort order,  but not the size of a new window.  If you're opening a new note in its own window,  Windows should remember the window size on close,  and open new similar windows at the same size - just tried that on my Win 8.1 system,  and it seems to work...


If it's not working for you,  sadly there are no settings to adjust.  :(

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Evernote remembers now!

It seems trivial, but it's so much more pleasant to use now that windows maximized when you closed them, open still maximized.


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