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I'm trying to search for 10% - but Evernote is considering the % to be something overloaded in the search string, so my history (and results) are as if I searched only on 10.

I tried searching just with % and the search returned everything.  So obviously it is a character substitution or "until end of line" instruction.


How can I search for a % in my notes (or at least for 10%, which is what I need)?

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Don't know if it's in GM's post,  but have you tried adding quotes - "10%" appears to work although I get a lot of hits.  You might need to add other relevant keywords like 'cost' or 'profit' or 'tax' to get more specific..

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I don't think the quotation mark type search will work with special characters at the end.

I believe they are ignored.


Here is why:


In my primary Evernote account, I have 21,778 notes

Search for "1" - 13,194 notes found (correct)
Search for "10" - 7,897 notes found (correct)
Search for "10%" - 7,897 notes found (wrong)
Search for "10$" - 7,897 notes found (wrong)
Search for "10^" - 7,897 notes found (wrong)
Search for "10!" - 7,897 notes found (wrong)
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