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Someone shared note with me but doesn't come up in search...

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Evernote chat is good.

It USED TO be easy eg my colleague would send me a note in a chat and it would come up in my searches (the same as if I had created the note myself and then shared it...)


Now however someone shares a note with me and it comes up in CHAT but ONLY in Chat!!


If I do a search for the note name in my Evernote then it doesn't come up at all!

I have to remember who sent it to me and when, go to chat and then find it and click on the note.... it doesn't seem to be integrating properly into my notes...


Where has the integration gone so it actually brings the note into my normal notes for me?


What has changed?


Many thanks, Kyle.

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Hi.  AFAIK search within work chats should still be present.  What's your device and OS? 


Have a look in the Help Center (link in my sig) for chat-related stuff and your OS - I'd also suggest raising a support request if there's nothing helpful there...

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Hi Gazumped,


Thanks for your quick reply!


I'm on Windows 10 (Lenovo Z570 Ideapad) with Evernote (276742) although I do access it also from a Galaxy Note 3 (Android 5) and a Lenovo Yoga 2 10" tablet (Android 5).


I'll look through the Help Centre and see if there's some relevant information there.


Cheers, Kyle.

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