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Penultimate notes not returning - HELP

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Hi All,

I had to replace my iPad air with a new one as had faulty mobile data issue.

I am on macbook pro with el capitan and iPad is ios9.02

I backed up my iPad to computer to ready for new iPad replacement 

All my notes are stored on my computer and not on the cloud with evernote

After some issues with restore have now restored

I open Penultimate and only some notebooks have had their data restored ( about 7 out of 86 - most with 100 pages or more)

The backup on my macbook pro is not corrupted.

Those notes that have restored open and seem to work OK

The rest do this

Open Penultimate - seems to sync

Attempt to open a notebook not restored - app opens and immediately crashes.


Does anyone know how I can restore my notes from my Macbook pro - any help would be greatly appreciated

I send this to staff at evernote as since you rewrote the app it has been problematic in the extreme - was improving though and had just becoming useable again.


Sorry since restore when I open the app in the iPad it will not open without me signing in to evernote, Before the restore the app just opened and I had the choice as to whether I signed in or not - This is New Behaviour for Penultimate


I require these notes they represent client notes over 5 years 

Hopefully yours 


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When you say all your notes are stored on your computer, do you mean that you have the .pen files saved on your computer, or that you have iPad backups saved in iTunes? If you have the .pen files, you should be able to reimport them from your email or a Dropbox account.


Unfortunately we have had reports of incomplete backups, so we do not advise relying solely on the iTunes restore process.

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Hi Garrett,

I have the iTunes backup only. Do not have a dropbox account and have not emailed them. 

Please remember these are clinically sensitive notes.

I believe that the backup is not necessarily incomplete as a number of notes above the 7 have come in.

The notes not down have a green icon in the top right corner and an empty page - Tapping on these causes the app to crash.

One note not yet recovered has a yellow triangle asking me to split the note.

I have just upgraded to premium hopefully to solve the problem - this removed the yellow triangle and that is all.

Is there a way to extract my .pen file from my iTunes backup?? and then reimport them , that you know of.

Why do I need to sign into evernote when I open Penultimate - I never had to do that before?? This forces me to upload notes, something I am not at all keen on doing.


Lastly will running restore across my iPad again - perhaps put the notebooks back


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