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How to type a note title without using the mouse?

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I'm going crazy after the latest update -- there MUST be an easy way to do this.


When I type Ctrl-N to enter typed text in Evernote for Windows, the cursor location defaults to the Note field. But now, rather than take the first line of the note (as it used to) as the title, every new note I create is titled Untitled Note.


So, to avoid having hundreds of Untitled Notes at the end of the day, I've been repetitively forced to remove my hand from the keyboard and MOUSE to the title field in order to type something. 


Is there a fix to this? Alt-Tab, other Tab combinations don't seem to work.


Bad enough this was the default behavior on Android (which I avoided by using Windows more than Android for new notes), but at least on my tablet typing and mousing are one and the same.


Please, PLEASE fix. 







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Hi Lena,


Thanks for reporting this. What version of the Evernote are you using?


Also, the keyboard shortcut to put the cursor in the title field is F2


Let me know if you need anything else.


Take care,


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Thanks, Johnathan and Gazumped, my tired arm and hand salute you!   :wub:  :)


Running (276742) Public.

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Ok, F2 and F3 shortcuts are fine - not what i expected, but usable. And what about switching between notebook assignments?


Thanks, Vita


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