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Jason Bunnell

Two factor authentication: Getting a scannable Google Authenticator code

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I set up two step authentication a long time ago.  At one point I had an Evernote code in Google Authenticator but for some reason it is not there now.  To add it, I need a scannable code.  If I got to my security setting, I do not see anything to generate a scannable cade for the Google Authenticator app to scan in.  Nothing in the Knowledge Base on this.  I keep a lot of sensitive data in Evernote so security is important.


Also, I think it is total bullshit that I pay for this product and do not have access to support.






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I had this issue too - I fixed it by switching to text messages.  Then just switched back to Google Authenticator and it gave me the QR code to scan. Evernote now appears in Authenticator again.

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- and if you pay for the product you do get access to support,  though not necessarily on weekends.  What problem were you having?

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