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PDF attachments auto expand despite preference setting

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Hi Community,


Been using Evernote for a couple of years and love it for organising my brain.


I use Evernote on both Windows7 and on OSX.


I experience this odd behaviour infrequently on OSX whereby many of my PDFs that were previously displayed as attachments randomly expand themselves. And it's not in every note in the notebook! 

I don't know if this occurs because I've opened and viewed these PDFs at some point and then their default state gets modified from attachment to in-line?


Yes, my preferences are set, and always are set, to view as attachments on both devices.


To rectify this issue on MAC, do I have to visit every expanded inline PDF, right click and choose view as attachment? Isn't there a way to do it globally in my notebook?




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Hi.  The only global settings (that I'm aware of) are in Settings.  If you change them to 'view inline' and back,  does this affect your notes?

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