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Declutter the UI by unifying the toolbar

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Hi Evernote team,


I just heard the great news about Evernote is getting a new note editor in the upcoming month.


That's really cool and thanks for the hard work!!  :-)


Here is a UI revamp request:


As you can see in this attached screenshot, can we merge these two separate toolbars (red and green area) and declutter the interface in future release?


Thank you so much!



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The problem with merging those two toolbars, is that it makes a bad problem worse for those of us who use more than 3-4 tags assigned to a Note.  As you can see from my screenshot below, even the current design does not display all of the tags.


Merging the toolbars would make this much worse.



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The new toolbar hides all tags when you are editing a note.....


They've 'simplified' the toolbar by hiding items that they don't think you need at different usage points. So, editing controls are hidden until you click in the body of the note and notebook and tag data is hidden when you are editing.

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