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Keith Nelson

Scannable - at the American Heritage Center, Laramie, Wyo


This past summer my wife and I engaged in an archival research project reviewing records at the above named institution. Our project required that many of the reviewed documents, many dating back to the 1920s and 1930s be scanned. Initially we began using the scanning capabilities offered by the Center - much like a simple photocopy machine, some with document feed attached, but this quickly became a slow arduous process. Then I thought of "scannable" - it was remarkable the difference, speed and clarity in the reproduced documents. We used Scannable over the next three days, copying thousands of pages of bound diaries, booklets, leaflets, correspondence and personal writings of our subject. It was amazingly fast, easy to learn, and acccurate.


Thank you Evernote, for making a great "Scannable"


Keith Nelson

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