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Saving from Outlook sometimes creates duplicate attachments

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Sometimes when I save an email from Outlook via the built in button the resulting note contains a duplicate file attachments. I can't say how long this has been going on, but it has been longer than this last update and it isn't consistent.


I just realized that it happens when I open the individual email and use the button there but NOT when I right click the email in the general inbox. The duplication happens when the screen to add tags, etc comes up. Obviously I can deselect the second attachment copy, but that isn't alwayts convienent when there are multiple attachments to begin with.


I'm on Win7 pro, 64 bit, Outlook 2010.



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Glad to hear a fix is on the way - I have this issue consistently.  Actually captures two copies of the entire email and the attachments.

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Add me to the list.  Duplicate Outlook emails when using the 'Save to Evernote' Outlook tool.  I am also looking forward to the fix.

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