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Michel Verheem

Notes from Scanned Business Card do not copy to vCard


When exporting a scanned business card to Mac Contacts, the notes made with the scanned card do not export.


Can this please be changed - I'd like the notes that I made as pert of the scan in Evernote to be placed in notes in the vCard

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Can one export a card to VCard format at all?  That would be a big help.

One thing I'm starting to think is that making it easy to get stuff INTO Evernote is great.  However, to be comfortable doing that, I want to know that if I someday have a different need it will be easy to transition. What if Evernote goes out of business or is acquired?  

To raise confidence to use the application fully, I need to see ease of export.  In the meantime, I am noticing I am doing "just in case" double saving of data.

Does anyone have these two concerns?

1) VCF export of business cards.

2) An emphasis on ease of export?   


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