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Had to reinstall Evernote; any suggestions on what browser plugins to reinstall?

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My upgrade to Evernote 6.1 required me to uninstall and re-install Evernote (from Evernote directly) in order to run the latest version of Evernote on my MacBook.


In the process I lost the Evernote browser plugins I had previously installed in Safari and Chrome. 


Now I would like to re-install my missing browser plugins but I can't remember which one(s) I was using. Embarrassed to say that I used these plugins on both browsers but only have the muscle memory of clicking and using - I can't actually remember the plugin names or even which ones I used.


Appreciate any suggestions on which plugins I should install for which browsers and where I should go to find these plugins.


Thank you!

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Hi.  Not a Mac user,  but the place for browser plugins is usually the respective 'app store' for the browser(s) you're fixing.  Odd that you should lose the standard plugins though - it might suggest you were using some bespoke add-ins specific to your OS.  The 'standard' plugins are Evernote Clearly and Evernote Clipper - search Evernote in the appropriate store and you should find them easily...

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