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Create a new note whose body is the contents of clipboard (image)?

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My workflow typically involves capturing small screenshot or web page image on my clipboard that I insert into the body of a new Evernote note, add a custom title, set the note's URL (if image is from a web page), and drag to my @Support notebook. I'm looking for a way to automate this workflow with Keyboard Maestro, TextExpander, and/or AppleScript ... ideally with the ability to run this workflow from my current app without having to switch over to Evernote and then back to my current app.


Using AppleScript, I have been successful in creating new notes and setting the note's URL property. My challenge is figuring out to paste the clipboard image into this new note that's being programmatically created. It doesn't appear that Evernote supports a way to do this via its create note AppleScript command.


I've been looking for a way to programmatically save the clipboard image to a file and then reference this file as the note's body when creating the note but I have been unable to find a way to do this. OS X's pbpaste command line utility only works with clipboard text - not images.


I'm thinking that Keyboard Maestro (KM) might be a better way to go but I'm new to this product and can't figure out how to do this. If going the KM route, I'm thinking that I should create a note in a new window, somehow set its URL and notebook, fill in the title myself and then just close the note.


Any suggestions appreciated.

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Have you tried using the global EN shortcut "Paste to Evernote" (it's CTRL-OPT-V on my system, set in EN Preferences > Shortcuts)?

This will create a new Note with the contents of the clipboard, and for content copied from a web page, will set the Note Title to the web page title.

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