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Improve font size & type changes in editor

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If I have several font types and sizes in a note and parts of the note include font that I want to end up with, the font change process takes too much time.



  • I have a note which includes text
    • Verdana 10
    • times New Roman 12
    • Helvetica Neue 14
  • I want all my text to be in Helvetica Neue 14

If I cmd+a all text and select and just select Helvetica Neue 14, nothing happens. I need to:

  1. change the font size and type to something else, e.g. Arial 24.
  2. All the text changes to Arial 24.
  3. Now I can change everything to Helvetica Neue 14.


Can we please get rid of the point 1 and 2 and just change all text to the font I want in one simple step?


Thank you

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