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Brian Glover

Idea: let me arrange my notes like a task board

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I love the expanded cards view of my notes, but I can only sort them by some logical order. I would LOVE to have a space where I can arrange my project notes based on my own priority. Extra points for a "task board" like space where I can create and name columns and them move my notes up and down (prioritize within a column) and then across to other columns.


I'm not a developer, but I use an online task board to track what I'm doing. But, I LIVE in Evernote. It's so redundant for me to go back into this other application to write in what I'm doing, but I need that visual display of my priorities.


I would definitely opt for a premium subscription that included something like this!


Thanks for considering Evernote team!



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Like this you mean?...


CardDesk is a web application that extends the functionality of Evernote to give you a visual organiser for your notes. With CardDesk your Evernote notes become "index cards" that can be laid out and arranged on any number of virtual desktops.


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Brian - This will get you part way there.


  1. Give each of your Project Notes a Tag that indicates your priority.
  2. Select your Project Notes.
  3. Show the Card view.
  4. Sort by Tag.

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