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iOS Reminers and Evernote

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I have poked around and can't seem to find just what I am looking for.


I often grab my phone and hold the home button and say "Remind me to add to Evernote blah blah blah".  It would be ideal if I could create a section in the Reminders app called "Evernote" and with whatever syntax iOS wants.


I seem to have a hack of a time finding the correct verbal syntax to get stuff into anything other than the default reminders list.  I can usually get better results with creating a basic reminder, and juts before it is done saying, "Move to Evernote", which it seems to do.  If someone knows the magic syntax, that would be great.


How do I then get them into Evernote, ideally with some tags, in a specific notebook, etc.  Hopefully cleaning up after itself too.


Thank you.

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The solution I have for this is to use the Drafts app. It's where text starts on iOS for me most of the time.

You open the app, and it's ready for text. Once you are done, or sometime later you can send it somewhere else. You can send to Evernote. You can get very specific, for instance creating multiple Evernote actions that place items in specific notebooks, add tags or even append to particular notes. I have 5 I use semi-regularly. You can also have actions that do multiple steps like add to Evernote and then your todo app.

It also can pull from a reminder list. I use this all the time. I dictate into my Drafts list on my watch or phone. Next time I open the app it imports the reminders and I can decide then what to do with it. It might be more manual than you want, but I think it's flexible and not a burden to process later.

I wrote this in Drafts instead of the browser.

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If you have email into EN capability a syntax I use is "Email to Evernote subject whatever the subject is", where Evernote is my inbound email address.  Siri then comes back and asks what you want the email to say for any depth you want to add.  And then you get a note in your inbox.  FWIW

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Drafts looks like an awesome app, and the email idea is a great one too.  My main issue is that I hate entering in my passcode, finding the app, launching it, etc.  With the email suggestion, I could get around that, though I can see it being hard to add the correct hashtags and such to the subject to get it to do what I want.


Are you aware with Drafts.app if you can interact with it in the same way as Siri, in that you need not even unlock the phone?


IFTTT is so close to working, it works 40% of the time, to get stuff from Reminders and other lists into evernote, but there is that 80% of the time if doesn't, and support with this is non existant.

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The way to use Drafts without unlocking is to say "(Hey Siri,) Add to my drafts list <whatever item text you want>". You can include new line, new paragraph, etc. Next time you launch Drafts, it will read the reminders from the Drafts list in Reminders into individual entries in the app.

Then you process each one the way you would like. I usually end up doing a small amount of editing when I add to Evernote if I did it by voice. I never seem to have the complete thought perfectly formed when I start dictating.

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