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Sync some things to Ipad, others, not

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I use my IPAD for both personal and work.  


I currently scan all of my receipts (personal) with ScanSnap on my desktop, but don't want them to sync to my IPAD which is becoming bloated and  constipated.  I would like to remove all of the receipts from my IPAD, but keep them on Evernote Desktop and the Cloud.  How can I do this?


Thanks in advance for your help

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Maybe another way of asking the question is, while I realize it is important to sync all notes to the Cloud, do I have to sync all notebooks to my IPAD or phone?

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If you are a premium member you can put all your receipt notes in a Notebook called Receipts and don't select Receipts for download, Settings - General - Notebooks - Offline Notebooks.  Only the headers will download at that point.  If not premium, only the headers are downloaded anyway.


If you want your receipts off the iPad totally, create a local notebook and move all your receipts there.  Downside to this solution is you have to back them up yourself since they won't sync.


If you want the receipts out of your  views on the iPad then putting them in a notebook of thier own and putting the rest of the notebooks in a stack would help.


Some ideas anyway.

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 but don't want them to sync to my IPAD which is becoming bloated and  constipated.  


As @csihilling said, if you don't want the receipts (or any other stuff) actually downloaded to your iPad, then do NOT put them in a NB which you have designated as "Offline" in EN iPad.


Notes that are NOT in an "Offline Notebook" actually use very little storage on the iPad (or any iOS device), since only the Note header data (Title, tags, dates, etc) are actually downloaded.


What I have done is create a NB named "Mobile_Off_Line", so it is always clear to me that Notes in that NB will be stored offline on my iOS devices (assuming I have set them as so).

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