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Pin an Evernote Note to always show on the top

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Is it possible to 'pin' or 'star' an Evernote Note so that always show on the top?


Also when you are within the notebook that the note is in as well.


Thank you in advance. 

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Change the note's Created Date to the year 2100

Sort notes by the Created Date

It will work if you select all notes, or just the notebook it is located in.

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Evernote does not support pinning of Notes, but it does provide for manual ordering of Reminders.

So you can create a Reminder w/o a date for the Notes you want "pinned".

The Reminder list is shown at the top of the Note List.  Open this up and drag/drop to set order.


I know this may not make sense, but give it a try and you'll see what I mean.  :)

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