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Dragging images out of Evernote?

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I used to be able to drag and drop an image out of Evernote. Now I can't. If I try to drag it into another program, I get nothing; if I drag it into the Finder, I get a blank text clipping called "Untitled clipping".


Is there a way to re-enable the old behavior? I've got numerous images stored in Evernote that I like to drop into other programs for further use.

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Drag/drop to Finder and MS Word is working fine for me in EN Mac 6.0.11 running Mavericks (10.9.5).

What versions of OS and Evernote are you running?

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EN 6.0.13, OSX 10.10.5.


Huh, EN seems to have an update available it hasn't bugged me about. Let's see if that fixes it.


*one update later*


Oh good, it seems to be working again. Well that was simple. Except for wondering why I have the "automatically update EN' box checked and was still running an old version. Weird.

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