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How to safely delete Evernote & entries from old Mac

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 I have a new MacBook Pro on which I have transferred everything from an old Mac, including Evernote.  How do I safely delete Evernote and data from the old Mac?  Is it just a matter of deleting the application?  What about the data?  I don't want to accidentally delete files and have it sync things into oblivion as it syncs things up.  Instructions please?

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Do NOT delete any Notes using the EN Mac app on your old Mac.


If you want to make sure you have deleted everything related to Evernote on your old Mac, the best way probably is to use an app uninstaller.


There are several Mac app uninstallers available, but some do NOT search hidden folders/files.  My preference is AppDelete,  as it seems to be the most comprehensive.  There are others available.  Just be sure it can see and delete files in hidden folders.  See the user reviews at MacUpdate.com

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