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Does anyone actually like the small font used for IOS?

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For a long time I have disliked the small, unadjustable font Evernote uses for text on IOS. Not only is it hard coded so that the user has no control, the font size doesn't respond to Dynamic Type, Apple's system for accessibility.

I have seen complaints over the years in this forum, but apparently Evernote has no interest in changing. Which puzzles me - simply bumping the font size would seem to be an easy change, and it is hard for me to imagine anyone would complain. Of course a more proper response would be to give the user some control over font size, or to at least follow the Dynamic Type guidelines.

So I'm curious - are there people who think the font size used by Evernote is just fine the way it is, and would object to making it bigger, or allowing the user some control?

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