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Robert C.

Tag Screen on Evernote Web - Wasted Space and Truncating Tags


So I really appreciate the tag management changes in Evernote Web.  However, there is a lot of unnecessary tag truncation and wasted screen space. It looks pretty silly on typical monitors.


Can you guys tweak this a bit so it adjusts for better viewing? 


See pic. 



P.S. What's up with the ridiculously small attachment option? 7.05KB is nothing! 

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Not that I can offer any real assistance here since that was an Evernote design change, but just one small nit of correction: what you're referring to is called the Admin Console - it's different from the "Evernote Web" client - it has its own Tags screen.  Just wanted to clarify in case you're talking to Evernote staff about it, so everyone is clear what you're referring to.

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