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Automatic selection of a line when editing

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Hi all,


When I modify the line of the note, for example to insert a character and correct a typo, Evernote selects the whole line. Therefore, when I click another key, the selected text is deleted. Not sure if my explanation is clear.


1- Let's say that I have this text 'Hello fend, how are you? (enter)'

2- I want to correct 'fend' and write friend. I put the mouse pointer after 'f'

3- I type 'r'

4- Evernote automatically selects 'end, how are you?' till the (enter)

5- I type 'i' and, of course, I delete 'end, how are you?' and write 'i' instead.


As you can imagine, it is very annoying.


I am using Evernote Version 6.0.16 in a Mac 10.7.5.




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Thanks. Better to delete this post, right?


No.  You can leave it.  It might help someone else.

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For me, this bug is a deal breaker.  I put up with with version 6 for months and now this was the last draw.


I decided to revert to version 5.  It is a simple process of


1. Use AppCleaner to remove Evernote program.

2. From Trash folder, drag the icon of Evernote from Sept. 2014 back to application folder. 

3. Restart.

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Toc toc Evernote guys!!! When are you going to fix this bug? It is very very annoying and disappointing!!!!!

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This is a known bug for Mac OS X Lion users, and a fix is in progress.

It has been fixed in EN Mac 6.1 Beta 2.


Evernote SoftwareMarcus is asking for Lion and Mt. Lion users to update to this Beta 2 and confirm the fix, and to report any other Lion/Mt. Lion issues.

He says "This will be your last release [supporting Lion] so lets make sure that note editing is in really good shape before we call 6.1 done".

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