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firefox Tag Option Disappered from Web Clipper's Save Dialogue

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Note: I am using the Waterfox version of Firefox.

I just made a few changes and the tag option no longer appears in the drop-down "Save" menu.

The changes I made: Clicked options on the Save dialog while attempting to save a bookmark, set start as bookmark, send to desktop.

Upon return from the options, the tag that I had set for that bookmark had disappeared. Proceeded to save, then added bookmark via desktop.  Inconvenient!

My next attempted to save another URL as a bookmark brings up the Save dialogue WITHOUT the tags option.

Maybe this is just one of those Waterfox only bugs.  But now I seem to be stuck with this limited functionality in the web clipper.  How to undo this?


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Same issue happened to me today. Using Firefox 43.0.1 on OS X 10.11.2 (El Capitan). This occurred when I changed the save location to Evernote Desktop. When I changed it back to Evernote Web, the tags and notes returned.

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Found the solution.

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