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Dragging images to Mac Outlook, recipient find images washed out

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When placing an image into an email in Mac Outlook, the recipients receive a washed out version. I've noticed this a few times but haven't done enough to completely pinpoint the exact scenario - I think it's gif format though may happen with png too.

Typically I drag the file icon from the image view window to the email window to place and attach it.

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Did you manage to find a resolution or workaround to this?  I have the same problem in the same scenario: drag an image (typically a screen grab) from Skitch into an Outlook email on Mac.  I've definitely seen this on Outlook 2015/16 (the new version) and possibly on 2011.  Emails are obv HTML.  


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I'm experiencing the same. Completely washed out when delivered on PC. Mac looks fine!


Fixed for me by changing from '.PNG' to 'Skitch .PNG' or JPEG.


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